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This page provides answers to the most Frequently Asked Questions about SNAP. If you have a question not listed here, please send an email to the SNAP Representative, at

  • How do I get started?
    Simply click on the "Log on" button on the home page, register for an igovt logon and you will then be able to record the serial numbers and other asset details to the SNAP Asset List Tool. After that you can log on using the same igovt username and password to access details of these assets, and edit or add new property items.
  • I have seen stickers that can be used to deter potential burglars, can I print them myself?
    Yes you can. Click here to be taken to the image that you can print out.
  • How do I report a crime?
    In an emergency, or if any person is in danger, dial 111. In a non-emergency, you can contact your local New Zealand Police station. provides further information on how to report crimes.
  • Can I save details without a serial number?
    Yes, however it is recommended that you include the serial number where possible in the SNAP Asset List tool, as this is the best form of non-specialist unique identification matching. A model or batch number may not be unique and is therefore not usually the best identifier. Where a serial number does not exist, for example on jewellery, try and include anything which might help New Zealand Police uniquely identify your property should it be stolen.
  • Do police have access to my information on SNAP?
    No. Only if you are a victim of property crime or loss will the New Zealand Police want identifying information. Only you can access your Asset List, which is secured by an igovt logon. You can easily provide the Police with the asset information you have previously added to the SNAP Asset List Tool at
  • Will my insurance company have access to my serial numbers?
    No. Only you can access your Asset List, which is secured by an igovt logon. You can easily provide your insurance company with the asset information you have previously added to the SNAP Asset List Tool at
  • Can anyone else see my list of serial numbers?
    No. Your list of property (Asset List) is accessible by you alone through your igovt identification logon. Having an igovt logon can also be beneficial when you want to access other New Zealand Government websites and services online that also use the igovt logon service.
  • Can I search for a serial number?
    No. You can only perform a serial number search on your own items / assets in the SNAP Asset List Tool. This is for security reasons.
  • Should I include the serial number when I advertise an item for sale online?
    Yes. The more people that do this when selling legitimate items will help to make it more difficult for those trading in stolen goods.
  • Why don't you ask for my contact details? (the SNAP website) is simply a centralised place for you to store and easily retrieve serial numbers of lost or stolen property. This then allows you to quickly provide the information to New Zealand Police to help solve more crime and disrupt the trade in stolen property. Your contact details are not required.
  • How secure is this website?
    We have 128-bit SSL encryption to keep your information secure. This basically means your information travels over the internet as a sophisticated code. The SNAP Asset List Tool is secured using the high-security New Zealand Government igovt logon service. Your asset list can only be accessed by you.
  • What browsers can I use for this website?
    The latest versions of all popular browsers are supported. Browsers we support include Firefox, Chrome, Internet Explorer and Safari.
  • How do I find my Nokia serial number?
    You can find out your Nokia's serial number by typing in *#06# on its keypad. The serial number is also printed on a label inside your mobile. It's the 15-digit number that follows the abbreviation "IMEI".

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