SNAP - Online Asset List New Zealand Police
SNAP is ending on 15 December. If you wish to retain your data, please use the SNAP export function before this date. Visit the SNAP decommissioning webpage for more information.

Free Online Asset List!

Create and store an asset list of property serial numbers for free! If an item is lost or stolen, you can access this secure online serial number list, from anywhere, at any time. Recording serial numbers in advance offers peace of mind if burglary occurs. It can assist the police and your contents insurance claim, and makes it easier to track your stolen property. Protect your property now!
SNAP - Online Asset List Tool
About SNAP

About SNAP

SNAP is an initiative of the New Zealand Police, aiming to prevent burglary, and make it harder for criminals to sell stolen goods in New Zealand. More about SNAP
Easy Asset Listing

Online Asset List

An online asset list with serial numbers is a vital component of home and business security. If burglary, fire, or other loss occurs, you can access your list of property items instantly.
Secure Asset List

Secured Access

The SNAP Asset List Tool is secured using the high-security New Zealand Government igovt logon service. Your asset list can only be accessed by you.
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