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Become a SNAP Partner

Any corporate or community organisation can apply to participate in SNAP, as long as the initiative you propose contributes to preventing and beating burglary, and stopping the trade in stolen property.

There are many ways to assist: financial donations, distributing burglary warning stickers and pamphlets, establishing or supporting Neighbourhood Support groups, offering advice on DNA forensic property marking and home alarm systems, and other initiatives to deter criminals. SNAP Partners working in partnership with the New Zealand Police help to create a safer society for all New Zealanders.

To become a SNAP Partner, please complete our Application Form (PDF, 41Kb). You must also complete and agree to abide by our Terms and Conditions (PDF, 37Kb). Email both documents when completed to A New Zealand Police SNAP representative will contact you following your SNAP document submission.

Please support our current SNAP Partners, as thanks for their generous support.

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